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Interview with Strategy and Wargaming

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I had a great interview with Nuno from Strategy and Wargaming! Read all about how Attack at Dawn came into being.

Here's part of the story:

Have you worked in any previous wargames before? Or is Attack at Dawn: North Africa your first game?

Oh, I’ve done several games in the past, but this is the first one that will reach the final publishing stage. You know, game development is a very complex business and it takes effort, time, and perseverance to finish these projects. Programming AI (Artificial Intelligence) for strategy games alone is an achievement. Add to it all the work needed for core mechanics, user interface, data storage, and analysis, graphics, sound; not to mention scenario design, balancing, optimization, etc. Most of my projects have started with great enthusiasm and got exhausted after months of clicking on the keyboard. But I’ve approached Attack at Dawn as a serious project from the start. I’ve defined project plans, milestones, and goals, and kept working on them day-in, day-out for more than three years now. And finally, I can see the finish line.

What motivated you to start working on Attack at Dawn: North Africa?

I wanted to make a real-time operational-level wargame. The idea of seeing the units on an operational scale move and the clash was something I haven’t seen before (or not in a satisfactory way at least). And North African theatre seemed the best place to start since the number of troops was limited, and mobile warfare played a very important role.


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Dec 20, 2021

"But the expansions to the base game will add more features on a strategic level, like General Staff, Engineers, Intelligence, Commando Ops, Organisation, etc. In the Organisation segment, you will be able to reorganize your units – as the British did when they combined various regiments (battalions) into brigades and divisions. There you will be able to split battalions into smaller companies and create Kampfgruppen or Jock columns. And you will be able to mix and combine units while keeping to some historical limits."

Tomislav: I'm trying to find a way to tease you about teasing us with this but I am just way too excited about these possibilities—so I will not engage in any whimpering or begging... for now.…

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