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Apr 10, 2022
In Attack at Dawn: North Africa
A suggestion regarding RECON and unit counter visibility. Currently, an enemy unit that is outside the range of friendly forces is not visible on the map until it had been spotted by recon. When recon goes out of range, the game removes the counter. In practice this means that that the player must make note or remember the enemies positions. Once spotted would it not be better to leave the unit counter on the map. Once the recon goes out of range the counter could be ‘greyed out’ in order to represent its last known position. The counter would be free to move or its disposition change (counter stacked) but this would have no effect on the ‘greyed out’ counter. Those changes would not be seen on the map. Only when recon comes back into range or the unit comes into engagement range would the changes be represented by placing the counter in its correct position and disposition. The ‘greyed out’ counter would then disappear. This would better reflect real life where enemy units would be placed on a map according to the last known position not removed from the map because the recon does not have them in sight. I suggest that hovering over the ‘greyed out’ counter would still bring up its last known details. This would be better than trying to read the details on the ‘greyed out’ counter. This small change hopefully would not involve major programming code changes. It would add a ‘fog of war’ dimension to this excellent game.


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