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Apr 10, 2021
In Attack at Dawn: North Africa
Greetings, The new gameplay video looks very good. Can't wait to try it out. Question why at 15:54 does one of your units initiates the battle themselves and moves to the hex on the left of them?
Mar 26, 2021
In Attack at Dawn: North Africa
Greetings, Can you explain a bit how the campaigns will go? Will you have one batch of forces to play the whole campaign with? Will there be reinforcements or recovering units from previous battles that will be available later in the campaign? In other words will the units you have from the start have meaning. Some games just chop up the campaign in scenarios where it hardly matters what happened in the previous battle . You start each battle with the forces they researched from the books. I think that logic should be reserved for scenarios. During a campaign you want to care about your army. Your losses your wins. How will you procedé in the next battle. Will it shift from a offensive to a defensive campaign. Hope to hear how your campaign system works. So far it's a very interesting take on how the battles themselves play out. Regards


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