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Sean Russell
May 09, 2022
In Attack at Dawn: North Africa
Firstly, very interested in your game, which I hope becomes a great success and allows you to make all the further developments that you hint at in various interviews. Based on your ideas, this could become another series like Combat Mission, or the John Tiller or Gary Grigsby platforms. Secondly, very good idea to start with a free demo; this is a great way of getting players into what is a crowded market space, so chapeau to you (and Steam?) for that. Thirdly, the tutorial was helpful (even though I found Tutorial 3 more challenging than I expected!), but I was still a little unsure as to what was happening and why, even with the Help function and the manual to hand. Esp. combat results feedback and changing targets I found a little bewildering. Fourthly, and to the second point of this post, I understand the concept of linked historical scenarios as opposed to a more sandbox approach, but my question is this: if you have historical scenarios, how easy is it to affect the result? Using the only scenario available to us as of now, how can the Axis win First Alamein for example and thus produce a different result than history did? I ask, because I've tried a couple of approaches on Easy and can't find a way through! Very much looking forward to the release, and good luck! Sean

Sean Russell

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