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Cheers! My name is Tomislav Čipčić, and I am the founder and CEO of Panzer Division Games. We started as a bunch of friends having the dream of making a great game. Sounds familiar, right? Our first game was called "Iron Cross" and the project lasted for about 6 years. We didn't reach the finish line with that one, but we learned a lot from our many mistakes.

Panzer Division Games team

After that, we turned to other aspects of life, mainly family and our day jobs. But the developer itch remained, buried deep down. I've started playing board games and designed several games myself. One of them "Brotherhood & Unity" was so well done that I published it through the Compass Games.


That was the tipping point for me, as I fully returned to the game design business from that moment. Soon after, I started a new project, "Attack at Dawn: North Africa", a computer game about WW2 in North African theater. It was a blast, well-received and great fun to make.


The team has increased quite a bit in these past years. But most of the work is still done by me. The rest of the team helps with data research, playtesting, PR, graphics, copy editing, etc. Some of our team members are Jure, Zoki, Nina, César, Davide, Tomislav, Mike, Hans, Vid, and Toni.. to name a few. We are a tiny but sturdy bunch, always looking for new ways to bring entertainment and fun to the players.

Tomislav Čipčić & kids
Brotherhood & Unity game cover

What is next? We will do our best to make immersive and exciting games based on the rich history of humankind. We will capture the players' imaginations and build a community to retell those stories and discuss the games and history behind them. We will use video and board games to accomplish that goal, and our games will be player-friendly, easy to learn, and easy to play.

Attack at Dawn: North Africa game cover

Panzer Division Games is an indie game studio from Split, Croatia, EU. We are specialized in creating historical and immersive games. We develop both computer and board games, as we believe you should use all available tools to experience great gameplay.

Our previous game titles include: "Attack at Dawn: North Africa" and the award-winning "Brotherhood & Unity" (designed by our Lead Designer, Tomislav Čipčić, and published by Compass Games).

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Panzer Division Games company logo
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