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Brotherhood & Unity - Tutorial

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Some of you know that I'm designing tabletop wargames, as well as computer wargames. In the past weeks I was working on a tutorial for my previous design - Brotherhood & Unity: War in Bosnia & Herzegovina 1992-1995. Somehow it remained something I had to do, something that itched my skin until I finally did it.

I found some time between these playtests and development cycles on Attack at Dawn and here it is, written with the help of my friend César Moreno. I hope this tutorial will come in handy when introducing new players to the game. Have fun!

P.S. and all of you waiting for my next Attack at Dawn post - in a couple of weeks I'll finish an article about the Battle for Alam el Halfa.

BU Tutorial v1
Download PDF • 6.09MB

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