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New Webpage, Spring Sales, Newsletter, Discord, and more!

Cheers! It's been a long time since we had so much news. First of all, look at our new shiny webpage. It has been upgraded to showcase our full range of games and to create a community for all our players. We have added a Games section showcasing our games. Currently, you can read about Attack at Dawn: North Africa and Brotherhood & Unity, but there will be more very soon 😀

Also, we have changed our domain. Our new URL is, so you can remove the old one ( Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

We are planning on releasing a monthly newsletter. In it, we will keep you updated on the latest developments and news, production progress for our game projects, and more. Subscribe to the newsletter on our webpage if you wish to see what's coming next.

We have also created a Discord server. You can find it here: There, you can discuss our games and updates. Feel free to join and talk to us.

Finally, the Steam Spring Sale is on! You can find Attack at Dawn: North Africa at a 30% discount. So if you haven't already - buy it now and have fun playing 😎


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