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Gameplay Video - Operation Brevity

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Dear friends, let me share with you our new gameplay video! This time, I will do it in a true streamer style, with my head being visible throughout the video .. so that you can experience my joy and excitement while playing the game :)

Couple of new features will be shown. First of all - the unit movement is now smooth and not jumpy as it was before. We have also tweaked UI a bit, smoothing up and optimizing the gameplay experience. But first and foremost, this is a first video featuring our new Advanced AI. This new AI engine is run entirely by the game, which means that when we create a new scenario, we don't need to create a special high-level AI script as was the case before. That will enable you to mod the game, to create your own scenarios without the need to do high-level AI programming.

Take a look, and have fun watching! And don't forget to wishlist on STEAM:


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